Top 25 motorized gate valve suppliers across the world

  1. Adams Valve Co., Ltd. (triple eccentric butterfly valve, check valve, control valve, throttle valve)
  2. American Valve Co., Ltd. (butterfly valve / gate valve / globe valve / ball valve / diaphragm valve / check valve / plastic valve)
  3. Anderson Greenwood company (nuclear valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, regulator)
  4. Apc0 Willamette valve company (air valve, check valve)
  5. ASCA company (remote solenoid control valve)
  6. Casco co Co., Ltd. (regulating valve, control valve, butterfly valve)
  7. CCI valve company (check valve, stop valve, control valve, bypass valve, gate valve, nuclear valve)
  8. SECCO (butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, ball valve, control valve, cryogenic valve, diaphragm valve, etc.)
  9. Atcom matte Products Division (solenoid valve)
  10. SECCO seal control company (check valve, axial relief valve, overflow valve)
  11. COMTEX special products company (butterfly valve, control valve, ball valve)
  12. CPC low-temperature experimental products company (low-temperature valve)
  13. Regulator Company (check valve, filter, diaphragm valve, pressure regulator)
  14. KF Hale company (needle valve, ball valve, plunger valve, flow valve, check valve, diaphragm valve)
  15. Hoke company (butterfly valve)
  16. KF Industrial Company (butterfly valve, check valve, ball valve, needle valve)
  17. KF Teflon valve professional company (check valve)
  18. Leslie control company (three-way control valve, rotary control valve, linear control valve, electric control valve)
  19. Michelsen steam trap division (trap, safety valve, check valve, control valve)
  20. Rockwoods Wedman (safety valve)
  21. Sipan’s engineering company (safety valve, control valve, steam trap)
  22. SSI Equipment Co., Ltd. (butterfly valve, check valve, filter)
  23. Cooper Cameroon valve company (pressure control equipment)
  24. Danke company (gate valve, ball valve, check valve)
  25. Cotys Wright fluid control company (control valve, solenoid operated isolation control valve, safety valve)
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