What is a motorized gate valve actuator?

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What is a motorized gate valve actuator?

What is a motorized gate valve actuator

Gate valve with an electric actuator refers to the electrical energy as the main energy source, used to drive the valve mechanism.
Since it is a precision electrical component, it generally requires a certain level of explosion-proof protection (waterproof, dustproof).
1、According to the applicable working conditions, it is divided into the explosion-proof type and the common type.
2、According to the voltage, it is mainly divided into AC380V, AC220V, and DC24V.
3、According to the actuator action mode, is divided into switching type and regulating type.

What does a motorized gate valve actuator do?

Actuator for the motor-operated gate valve allows the valve to be operated from a distance, which means that the operator can sit in the control room and control the production process without having to go to the site to manually operate the valve on and off.
One only needs to lay some piping to connect the control room and the actuator, and the drive energy is directly stimulated through the piping to the electric or pneumatic actuator, which usually uses a 4-20mA signal to feedback the position of the valve.

What is the difference between a motorized valve actuator and a manual actuator ?

Manual actuators are available in various sizes of shut-off and rotary spool valves. Some models offer a marker indicator device for precise repositioning of the valve plug or disc.

Manual actuators are much less expensive than automatic actuators, and electric actuators can be controlled remotely.

Features and applications of motorized gate valve:

Power Plant

1、Compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity of the valve, smooth passage, and small flow resistance coefficient.
2、The sealing surface is made of stainless steel and hard alloy, with long service life.
3、Adopt flexible graphite packing plate, reliable sealing, light, and flexible operation.
4、Driving mode is divided into manual, electric, pneumatic, gear drive, structure form; flexible wedge single valve, rigid wedge single valve plate and double gate type.
5, widely used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants and other oil, water, and steam pipeline for connection or cut off the pipeline media opening and closing device.
6, gate valve open and close more labor-saving.
7, gate valve media flow direction is not restricted, no disturbance, no pressure reduction

How to buy a cheap motorized gate valve from china?


The recent growth of industrial production levels in China has led to the emergence of many excellent valve manufacturers.
For example, COVNA, a manufacturer specializing in electric actuators and electric valves. It has 22 years of experience in valve production.
If you want cheap electric valves, but want to have good quality, COVNA valves are a good choice for you.

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