COVNA Zero Leakage Brass Solenoid Valve Series

COVNA always put quality as the first consideration. All factory direct sale brass solenoid valve from specialized electromagnetic valve suppliers are designed, engineered and manufactured by experienced industry engineers to provide safe, reliable, dependable and affordable valves, actuators and solutions.

Features: fast acting, zero leakage, low temperature rise, etc
Size Range: made-to-order
Structure: diaphragm solenoid valve, pilot solenoid valve, direct acting solenoid valve, etc
Pressure Range: low pressure solenoid valve, high pressure solenoid valve, ultra-high pressure solenoid valve
Temperature Range: low temperature solenoid valve, high temperature solenoid valve, ultra-high temperature solenoid valve
No. of Ways: 2 way ball valve, 3 way ball valve, or 4 way ball valve
End Connection: threaded solenoid valve, tri clamp solenoid valve, flanged solenoid valve, etc
Body Materials: brass solenoid valve, stainless steel solenoid valve, plastic solenoid valve, etc
Applicable Media: water, air, gas, oil, liquid, steam, acid, alkali
Optional Actuation: pneumatic actuated ball valve, electric actuated ball valve, lever operated ball valve, or gear operated ball valve
Application: food & beverage, water & wastewater, ultra pure water, desalination, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, and power industries

This is COVNA, solve your technical questions with solid experience.

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