The most common valve types in Sanitary valves?

The Food grade (or Sanitary) valve means the valve has been sterilized and polished inside and out. A clamp connection is used to prevent food and beverages from getting contaminated during transmission. This can help protect your business.

The style of sanitary valves, they can be classified into the sanitary butterfly and sanitary ball valves. Additionally, sanitary valves can also be classified according to their actuation method into manual control (electric control), pneumatic control (pneumatic control) and electric control (pneumatic control).

We will be introducing you to actuated Sanitary Valves in this article. We hope to assist you in choosing the right valve for your project.

Motorized food grade ball valve with electric actuator. The electric actuator drives the valve 90 degrees to open or close the valve. The advantage of this electric actuator is its remote control via feedback or receiving signals. This reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency. There are three types of electric actuators available: the ON/OFF, modulating, and intelligent.

  • Type ON/OFF actuator to fully open or close the valve 90 degrees. You can use the feedback signal to check the condition of the valve.
  • Modulating actuator to regulate the angle of the valve from 0° to 90°. It could also receive and relay the signal to allow remote control of the open/close angle.
  • An intelligent type actuator performs the same functions as modulating type actuator. It has an LCD display screen that you can use to control it remotely or locally.

Clean gas is used to drive the food grade ball valve. The pneumatic actuator (air-actuated ball valve), drives the valve to open and close by the pneumatic actuator. These valves are highly resistant to explosions, protect the environment, and have fast switching speeds. There are two types of pneumatic actuators: single-acting spring return type and double-acting type.

  • The spring return pneumatic actuator is a type with a number of springs inside. Air will be forced to open the valve and it will automatically close if the air is cut off.
  • Double-acting pneumatic actuator: air to open, air to close.

Application of actuated food grade valves

  • Winemaking
  • Syrup processing
  • Processing of milk
  • Salmon processing
  • Breeding industry
  • Other industries that require food safety.

This is an actuated food-grade valve. We hope you find it useful in helping you choose the right valve for your project.

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