Difference Between Solenoid Valve and Motorized Valve

Motorized Valve

1.How it works

Solenoid valve is an electromechanical controlled valve.

Motorized valve is operated by an electric signal coming from the electric motor to open, close, or stop the valve in the process of operation.

2.Types of valve

2.1 Solenoid Valve

Two-way solenoid valve: The valve has an inlet and an outlet connected to the pipeline. There are two types of switching function: Normally Open (when power-on, the valve is closed, the fluid is cut off), Normally Closed (when power-off, the solenoid valve is open, the fluid pass through the valve).

Three-way solenoid valve: There are three ports and two holes connected with the pipeline. Three types of Control: Normally Closed, Normally Open, and General Type.

Four-way solenoid valve: It generally used to operate double-acting cylinder. There are four or five pipeline connecting ports, one pressure port, two cylinder ports and one or two exhaust (oil) port.

2.2 Motorized Valve

Quarter-Turn Motorized Valve: Quarter-turn actuators are designed to automate the precise operation of valves that open and close through a rotary 90° motion (a quarter turn), such as ball valves, plug valves, choke valves, dump valves, and butterfly valves.

Multi-Turn Motorized Valve: Multi -turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications (linear motion valves), such as globe valve, gate valve, and etc.

Linear Motorized Valve: Linear Actuators are employed for the actuation of linear valves like Control Valves or Diaphragm Valves.

3. Driving Mode

Solenoid valves use electromagnets to move a plunger attached to the valve to open or close it.

Motorized Valve is driven by a electric actuator, it takes longer than the solenoid valve to open or close. The actuator can be controlled by current signal (4~20mA) or voltage signal (0~ 10V) to regulate the flow.

4. Working Characteristic

Solenoid valve could be easily damaged by the voltage impact, generally suitable for pipeline diameter less than DN50 and below. It’s switching time is short, and there is a special high-frequency solenoid valve, and especially suitable for the pipeline with high operating frequency or short switching time.

Driven through the solenoid coil, low driving force, so it’s really easy damaged by the voltage impact, generally suitable for less than DN50 and the following pipeline. It’s switching time is short, and there is a special high-frequency solenoid valve, and especially suitable for the pipeline with high operating frequency or short switching time.

Motorized Valve is driven by the electric actuator, withstand voltage impact and large driving force, so it can control the large diameter valve. Motorized valve can adjust the flow of the pipeline and especially suitable for large diameter pipelines or places where the flow of pipelines is required to be regulated.

The solenoid valve can be turned on or off in one second. Generally used in small flow and small pressure. Motorized Valve opening can be controlled, it can be open, closed, half-open or half-closed. It can control the flow of media in the pipeline and solenoid valve can’t meet this requirement.

Solenoid valve has a special function is when the power cut can be reset. However, the motorized valve needs to add a reset device.

Solenoid Valve

5. Leakage Problem

The action principle of solenoid valve is the straight stroke, for the diaphragm or pilot. It’s easily cause leakage if there are impurities in the medium.

The action principle of motorized valve is the angle stroke. It has double-sided sealing and not easy to leak.

6. Installation Position

The action principle of solenoid valve is the straight stroke, it sealing by the spool itself gravity and the force of the electromagnet to achieve. So the solenoid valve can only be installed horizontally, other installation may cause it leakage. It’s no installation required for motorized valve.

7. Lifespan

The opening and closing of the solenoid valve depends on the coil electrifying to move, the working position needs the coil electrifying all the time (for example, the normally closed solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time), the coil with long time electrifying will over heat, easy to cause the coil burning off, it’s the common failure.

Motorized valve actuator switch action in place, then by the internal micro-switch power. It has a working position to maintain the function, only needs to be powered up while it’s action. Longer service life than solenoid valve, and stable performance.

8. IP Rating

The structure of solenoid valve is simple, low protection level, easy to be affected by external dust and air, temperature.

The motorized valve actuator be protected by the shell, protection level IP65 / IP67. Basically, protects the actuator from dust and moisture.

9. Function

The electric actuator is equipped with manual operation device, which can operate the control valve to on/off manually without installing bypass for backup. But the general solenoid valve has no manual operation function, the pipeline needs to install bypass manual valve for backup.

10. Suitable Medium

Solenoid valve is suitable for a wide range of media, acid, lye, water, gas, oil, steam and other media can be used. However, the medium must not contain impurities. So we need to install the filter in front of the solenoid valve. To ensure the normal operation of the solenoid valve, low leakage rate, high security.

Motorized valve is not only suitable to control the general fluid medium, but also suitable to control the pulp, sewage, containing fiber and small solid particles medium.

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