COVNA | Building a Corporate Business School System


We know that even a strong individual cannot make a great company, and an efficient team with the same frequency is the cornerstone of the rapid development of the company.

Sometimes you find that when you come up with a very good strategy, your team can’t understand it and the execution is greatly reduced. This is the lack of cognitive co-frequency-thinking is not at the same level, and subordinates can’t keep up with your rhythm at all.

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Every enterprise should have a corporate university to build a learning organization and jointly build a business school. According to statistics, employees who have studied business school are more conducive to improving organizational effectiveness, and they are more likely to be promoted and raised.

As the chairman and honorary dean of the Business School of COVNA, Bond loves to study and always believes that only by continuously training himself can he achieve better results. At the same time, also hope to drive the team members of the company to learn together, so that each member can improve, and jointly build a learning organization and create a more valuable company.

From this, we will take the lead in building a learning-oriented enterprise to build a modern enterprise training system, implement a talent strategy project, establish a team incubation mechanism, and empower ourselves and the “ecosphere” through comprehensive knowledge management and practice. Enterprise sustainable development provides an effective way.

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In order to better build a resource-sharing “ecosphere”, realize “empowerment” of enterprises, and bring more value-added services “outside the valve” to more enterprises. After the implementation of the new factory in Kuwait, the “road to study” has never stopped. Through the full participation of all employees in the establishment of a learning-oriented enterprise, healthy growth has led COVNA and the entire ecosystem to open a new chapter of glory! We look forward to more companies joining, creating business schools within their own companies, strengthening the building of talent teams, and promoting the rapid development of enterprises!

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