COVNA Belt and Road — A Trip to Japan

With a heart of learning, the Belt and Road COVNA business mission went to Japan to visit 100-year-old enterprises and see how real craftsmen create the spirit of craftsmanship!


Japan Journey 2

Toyota is one of the world’s top ten automotive industry companies, Japan’s largest auto company, founded in 1933. Toyota overtook General Motors in 2008 to become the world’s number one automaker, the world’s most profitable and fastest producing car company. It is said that it takes only 85 seconds to assemble a car.

This Toyota trip, let us feel the world-class enterprises for the production and management of the meticulous and human nature. Toyota’s success is mainly due to its unique lean manufacturing model and well-established auto parts supply chain that has allowed it to stay ahead of the curve with the lowest cost and most efficient mode of production.

Asahi Beer

Japan Journey 3

Founded in 1889 in Nagoya, Japan, Asahi has a 40% share of the Japanese beer market and is one of the world’s most famous brewers with production bases around the world. Asahi has draft beer, Mount Fuji, Silky, Heisei and Schauler, which are produced for a variety of people.

Asahi Beer in order to achieve the goal of quickly responding to the drastic changes in the operating environment, but also to meet the needs of the Times of merger and operation of the group to strengthen the management of the group, strengthen the trust with the various stakeholders to improve the sociality of the enterprise, operating transparency, strengthening corporate governance.


Japan Journey 1

Omron group has been a well-known automation and electronic equipment manufacturer in the world since its establishment on May 10,1933, by constantly creating new social demands the world’s leading sensor and control core technology.

BASIC IDEA: The Enterprise is to make a contribution to society. This concept shows the purpose of Omron’s existence. The so-called enterprise is to make contributions to society, refers to the enterprise only contributes to the society only then has the existence value, can enhance the profit, can continue It’s also the way Omron has thought for generations. At present Omron Company accepted a lot of disabled people, they work in Omron like normal people, fully reflects the social value of the enterprise.

Of course, this is just a small part of the COVNA Belt and Road mission. If you would like to join us in visiting first-class enterprises around the world and learning more advanced management and production experience, please join us. We look forward to more companies joining us on our brand voyage.

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