HK60-Q-3PS-K Series 2 inch Electric Ball Valve 12V Tri-Clamp Connection

Make automation simple for you when you use the Series 2 inch Motorized Ball Valve 12V Tri-Clamp Connection. This series electric ball valve requires no MOQ in order to run at its best and is designed to be used on any pressure range between 0 and 1000WOG. Our high pressure electric actuated ball valve highly efficient with its 20-second, 90-degree-angle cycle time and can help make the processes of any machine run more smoothly and swiftly. This two-way, three-piece ball valve has an IP65 rated electric actuator that can be easily installed into any position that you need it to. As an original Electric Actuated Valve Manufacturer, we mainly provide this12 volt electric ball valve for the factory, project, business, etc. Chat with us to know the price of the auto valve.


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